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Building and Maintaining a

Strong Client Base

Welcome to strongclientbase.com!

Our web site and message board is designed to support and mentor you in establishing your client-based business – any business that serves clients, rather than customers.

A customer: someone who is in search of a product and goes to the place where they can most easily and pleasantly access that product -- product based

A client: someone in search of a service and goes to the person who can most effectively provide that service -- relationship based.


Let me tell you a little about myself and how I came to write the book: How to Establish and Maintain a Strong Client Base:

I qualified as an Alexander teacher in 1983. I also have an M. A. in Psychology from the University of Cape Town. My husband, Neil, has a post-graduate degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Food Technology and qualified as an Alexander teacher in 1987. We have two sons and we came to live in the U. S. at the end of October 1991, the fulfillment of many years of dreams, hopes and plans.

As the saying goes, we need to be careful what we wish for, in case the wish is granted. For us our long-awaited green cards meant saying goodbye not only to our friends and family, but also our colleagues and our successful Alexander practice in Cape Town. The Alexander Technique was our sole means of income and we were moving to a city where we knew only two people and there were no resident Alexander teachers.

In anticipation of this prospect, I reflected on the scores of South African professionals who have relocated to the U. S., Canada, Australia and England, as well as other countries. It seemed that if they had been successful in South Africa, they were equally, and quickly, successful wherever they next chose to go. From this I concluded that building a practice is a transferable skill -- once you have built a practice, you can do it again, and in much less time.

This implies that in the process of building your practice you are learning the skill of how to establish a practice, and therefore establishing a successful practice is a learnable skill and not a mysterious process subject to chance.

This sequence of thought gave me good reason to systematically review the way in which I had become established in Cape Town so that we would be empowered to take similar steps once in Cincinnati. We arrived in Cincinnati with enough money to support our family for about 8 months, putting us under some pressure. We bought a house, then turned our attention to the business of familiarizing the legendarily conservative population of Cincinnati with the Alexander Technique. Within 6 months we were able to support ourselves on our income and within two years we had generated enough interest to begin our training course program.

In the foreword to the second edition of How to Establish and Maintain a Strong Client Base, I wrote: “I would like to state right from the beginning that I do not think that successful practitioners are in some way special or lucky. I am writing this, in order to share with you the concrete, definable methods by which success is achieved.”

The purpose of this message board is:

to support you in applying practice-building information to your own circumstance

to answer your questions

to facilitate discussion, interaction and sharing of knowledge between client-centered professionals who want to strengthen their client base

Not in Private Practice? Read on …

Since 1996, when we published the second edition, Neil and I have expanded our range of skills, to include:

Certification in shamanism, crystal healing, past-life regression and medical intuition

Instructing Taekwondo and running a martial arts school

Founding a new professional organization – The Association of Melody Crystal Healing Instructors (TAOMCHI) – www.taomchi.com

Founding and establishing a college for training healers – FourWinds Academy for the Healing Arts and Sciences – www.4windsacademy.org

Book Publishing – www.everydaymagic.us

See Viviens new book at: www.loseweightgainmoney.com

We have had opportunity to watch graduates from our training course go through the process of establishing their practices. We have worked in newly established holistic health/integrative medicine facilities and traveled the country teaching the workshop: How to Establish and Maintain a Strong Client Base, giving us time to observe the results of teaching the contents of this manual, as well as opportunity to apply the principles in several different fields.

For several years now I have been coaching and mentoring business owners in diverse fields: realtors, mortgage industry, bodyworkers, healers, teachers, consultants, schools and centers.

Our message board is for any individual or business who provides a relationship-based, quality service and relies on word-of-mouth referrals.


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